A Personal Message From God

Jayne Schriver


For anyone that has ever lost a loved one, this is a must read!

This is a true story about a loving, protective brother that returned from the dead to warn his sister about the consequences that were awaiting her if she did not accept God’s forgiveness for her sins and accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior just as they had been taught as children.   Never before in modern times has someone returned from death to deliver a message from God Himself…until now

“I jumped out of bed and went to greet him. As he moved closer to me, the two figures just melted into the darkness of my bedroom, and Jimmy was left standing there alone in front of me.  I knew I wasn’t dreaming.  I was completely awake and standing in front of him!”

This painful story shares the grief of losing a loved one, memories of happier times, and the difficulty of coming face to face with some very difficult confessions made by the dying sibling.  The sister, left behind, grapples with all those confessions as she makes her journey back to God sharing with the reader each painful step on her journey.

The deceased brother shared a very controversial statement that just might set the religious community on its head, but nonetheless, the sister shares this bit of information for anyone that is ready and able to accept it. 


The common thread that binds us together as human beings regardless of ethnicity, religion, or geographical location is the mere knowledge that we are mortal. As far as we know, humans are the only species on earth that can actually contemplate their eventual end. Most of us have wondered what happens to us when we take that last breath of life. Therefore, that question has caused many books to be written about near death experiences, but they have all been merely ‘near death’ experiences. These reports have given us glimpses to the other side of the veil, but never in modern times in our western culture, to the best of my knowledge, has someone returned to give us a personal message from God Himself…
                                                                                         until now.

This story is a first-hand report of a message that was delivered by someone that had completely transcended his earthly body never to return to it. There are those that will immediately grasp the magnitude and meaning of this experience and then there will be the doubters who could never fathom such a thing happening to them or anyone they know. Messages from God and dreams of Jesus are more common place in eastern cultures where they are not so influenced by our western bias towards logic. Some theologians suspect that only those far removed from God ever have such experiences. I guess I certainly qualified for that category. I wasn’t committing crimes, or abusing my children, or committing adultery, or any number of things that would qualify as sins, but I was in total denial of God’s existence at this time in my life which is perhaps the greatest sin of all.

Regardless, I encourage the reader to approach this with an open heart and mind. I, too, would have considered this reported experience somewhat absurd prior to it happening to me. As a matter of fact, I would have considered myself the last person in the world to ever experience something like this. I have no logical explanation for why or how it happened. I only know that God gave me a miracle that has forever changed how I look at life and death, and it has dramatically altered the course my life has taken.

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