A Personal Message From God

Jayne Schriver

Excerpts from the Book

“When we were finally inside the condo with the door closed behind us, a feeling came over me that I have never experienced before. I have read accounts of panic attacks and out of body experiences, but those do not begin to describe the feeling that surged through my body. It was instantaneous like a bolt of lightning without the physical jolt. One second I was putting down fresh water for my cats and then the next second this surge went through me that filled my brain with one single thought…one single mission…I never heard a voice, but I knew that I had to get back to the hospital!”

“That night I went to bed at my usual time with nothing out of the ordinary on my mind. I found that sleep was a welcome relief from the grief, so I welcomed it gladly. I don’t know how long I had been asleep when my eyes instantly flew open as if I had been awakened by a sudden noise or intruder. I looked at my bedside clock and saw that it was exactly 4:00 a.m. My husband was sound asleep next to me quietly inhaling and exhaling. My room was completely dark except for the light from the digital clock. I lay there with my eyes wide open trying to figure out what had so abruptly awakened me. Then I saw him…”

“…He was coming toward me escorted on each side by two figures that were holding his arms as if to give him support. They were not walking, but floating..

“…As he moved closer to me, the two figures just melted into the darkness of my bedroom, and Jimmy was left standing there alone in front of me…”


“… I could see that he was so weak and without the assistance of the other two beings, it was a struggle for him to keep talking to me, but he went on. “Jayne, we were wrong…I was sent back here to tell you…”


“…How could Mike, who is a very light sleeper, not wake up and see this miraculous exchange between two worlds taking place?”


“Later that day, after I collected myself, I went to my computer and wrote down every word that I could remember, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was not remembering all of it. I knew that this was the most important event of my life, and it had to be some kind of miracle. I was afraid to talk to anyone but Mike about this because I knew they would think I was crazy. Occasionally, I would reread every word that I had written down, second guessing every question that I had asked him. I could think of so many questions that I should have asked, and I wished that I had not interrupted him and just let him do the talking, but how can anyone ever be prepared for such an event?”


Some Questions Jayne Asked Her Brother!
“How was your journey?”
“Have you seen God yet?”

“What does He look like?”
“What did He say?”
“Who sent you back here?”

“Can you come back to let me know…?”


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